Saturday, May 11, 2013

Istanbul Pictures Revisited

Recently I flipped through a travel magazine featuring Istanbul, and as I perused the pictures it brought back memories of our trip there in 2001. Now, back then I still was taking pictures and creating books of those photos, but of course it was all film based work. So, all my pictures from that era, including Istanbul, are prints or film negatives to this day.

Later when digital photography took off I bought a digital SLR camera and began using it - along with the by-then-available book making Web site called Shutterfly - to create customized "coffee table" type books of our trips. The first trip I used it on was our vacation to Vietnam and Cambodia in 2006. And over recent years I acquired a nice home scanner capable of creating high resolution pictures from negatives.

But still, I hadn't scanned my Istanbul pictures.

Anyway, that magazine prompted me to do so at long last. So, I've started.

It'll take a while and I will eventually post some online and I'll create a photo book too.

As  a teaser, here are two shots of the Blue Mosque in old Istanbul - one an abstract, one a more traditional study.

More to come for sure.

Pictures in this post were taken by Marc Osborn. Marc Osborn owns all copyrights for these images and no use of them for any purpose by any part is permitted without prior written permission from Marc Osborn.

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