Friday, October 11, 2013

UW vs. UO...It's Been a Long Time

It's been a loooooong time since the University of Washington football team has beaten the University of Oregon on the football field. Nine years. Almost a decade.

This weekend's game is shaping up to be the Husky's best chance in the past 10 years to pull off a victory against the Ducks. Will they? Hard to say. They're not favored and the Ducks are awfully good. But, the game is at home for UW and the team is better than it has been in the last nine years.

But nine years is a long time.

To give you an idea of how long it's been since the last UW victory in this border war, cast your mind way back to a distant time called 2003. That's right, that's the last time the Huskies prevailed on the gridiron against the Ducks.

Got that timeframe in your mind?

OK, here are technologies now common in everyday life in the USA that were not around in 2003:
  • Facebook - launched the next year.
  • iPhones and iPads - still a few  years away.
  • Twitter - did not exist.
  • YouTube - that's right. No YouTube when the Dawgs beat UO last.
  • BlueRay DVDs - oh, how did we ever watch non-HD movies at home!
  • Kindle - or eReaders of any kind had not yet been introduced.
  • Digital cameras - Ok, they existed, but they were no where near as pervasive as they are now, and they certainly weren't on people's mobile phones.
Imagine life without any of those things. Barbaric. (Kidding, but get the idea.) In any case, all of those things have come to pass and into our lives since UW beat Oregon in football.

All right, how about pop culture? Back in 2003...
  • Lance Armstrong was still winning multiple Tour de France races and hailed as a hero by everyone (except the didn't take doping charges to make them hate Lance).
  • Martha Stewart had yet to be convicted of insider trading.
  • Janet Jackson had not yet to have her "wardrobe malfunction" at the Super Bowl
  • Shamwow! and the Snuggie - not. yet. invented.
  • Zumba - not around. Just saying.
  • The TV show Lost - had not started yet.
And on and on. So much has come to pass in the nine years since the UW came out winners against Oregon in football. So much.

And guess what? It's more than likely the Ducks will make it "a decade of dominance" with a win Saturday in Seattle. I'm not saying for sure they'll win, but I think it's likely. I'll be there to ether witness the turning of that decade or the downfall of the streak. Should be fun!

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