Thursday, January 23, 2014

Who Is the Thug?

In the aftermath of the whole "Richard Sherman issue" following is post-game comments about SF WR Michael Crabtree, he's been called "a thug" and taken to task for what he said. But, there are two things that have gone virtually un-noticed and un-commented upon that are far more "thug-like" than anything Sherman did or said:

SF player in street clothes nails Seattle player on the sideline. Midway through the game, Seattle had to punt the ball. They did. As one of the Seahawks players ran down the sideline to cover the kick, he strayed into the SF sideline area - which does happen sometimes. But what does not happen is someone on the opposing team not playing in the game taking a shot at the "live" player. But in the NFC championship game last week, it did. The SF player in street clothes doing the illegal hitting is a guy named Ronald Curry. You can see the video of the incident in full and slowed down speed HERE.

So I ask...who is the thug?

Crabtree shoves Sherman in the face. Want to know why Sherman was so pissed off when he made is now famous post-game comment? Well, right after he broke up the game-ending pass with a deflection against Crabtree, he went up to Crabtree and said "Hellava game, Hellova game." And that's official and recorded from NFL microphones. That's all Sherman said...and that's all it took for Crabtree to reach out and aggressively shove Sherman in the face.

So again, who is the "thug?"

Of course, you don't get any media commentary on those two incidents. Why would you when the a) 49ers lost and b) you have the video and audio of Sherman to go with. None the less, I submit that the 49ers exhibited far more "thuggery" than Seattle did.

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