Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bryan Ferry Live in Seattle 2014

This past Monday, my wife and I went to go see Bryan Ferry perform in Seattle at McCaw Hall.

Ferry is most famous for being the singer and main man in the very influential band Roxy Music - a group that burst onto the British musical scene in the early 70s as "glam rock" was becoming popular. They were the real deal, had great and innovative songs...along with an "interesting" look. Later lineups of Roxy Music fronted by Ferry created more mellow sounds in the 1980s. Ferry also has had an extended solo career.

Anyway, seeing him was a pleasant surprise in two ways.

First, we didn't know Bryan Ferry was coming until only a few days before the show. So, it wasn't on our radar. My wife said she wanted to go, so we jumped on StubHub and found great seats near the stage in the center for only a little over face value. Score! And, my third gig of 2014 - previously having seen The Strypes in March and Glasvegas in February.

Bryan Ferry Live in Seattle - April 2014 (c) Marc Osborn
Second, Bryan Ferry - despite his now 68 years of age - put on a wonderful performance, backed by a tight and energetic band and backup singers. Wow! I'd say most of the set was a Roxy Music (his original band) review. But, there were some "solo artist" material in there as well. Hey, I got to hear the man sing some of my favorite Roxy Music tunes...Virginia Plain, Editions of You, Remake/Remodel, Love is the Drug...and my wife got to hear her favorites...Avalon, Slave to Love, Kiss and Tell and More Than This.

You can read a full review of the entire show from The Stranger HERE. It's good reading to catch up on what Ferry has been up to and get a feel for how the Seattle show played out. It includes the set list for the evening, which I've pasted below.

Bryan Ferry McCaw Hall Set List (In Order Played)
Re-Make/Re-Model, Kiss and Tell, Slave to Love, Ladytron, Same Old Blues, If There Is Something, Oh Yeah, Stronger Through the Years, More Than This, Avalon, Reason or Rhyme, Tara, Take a Chance with Me, In Every Dream Home a Heartache, Prairie Rose, Love Is the Drug, Both Ends Burning, Virginia Plain, Editions of You. ENCORE: Running Wild

Bryan Ferry and band Live in Seattle - April 2014 (c) Marc Osborn

Once you've read up on Mr. Ferry and the Seattle show, you may be hunting for some of your old Roxy Music CDs or albums (remember those)...or making a quick trip to iTunes. No matter how you do it, I'd highly recommend "discovering" Bryan Ferry or revisiting his work. Great stuff and a unique perspective on music.

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