Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mod Scooter in Ballard

I like The Who. I like their movie Quadrophenia. I like its exploration of a young person's struggles as viewed through the fashion, social settings and tribulations of the "Mod" culture in Great Britain in the 1960s.

If you know the movie or anything about Mod culture, you know that motor scooters were (are?) their preferred mode of transportation. "Rockers" of the era rode motorcycles. That was too crude, low and rough for the slickster, hipsters of the Mod scene. Nope. They coveted the more elegant Italian scooter.

The movie Quadropheia features the main characters cruising around on such scooters all the time.


...as my wife and I walked down a street in our neighborhood this week, I saw a scooter that reminded me of the movie and Mods. Now, it's not a high end, customized unit. In fact, it was kinda dinged up. But, there was something about its silver finish and how it was rocked back on its stand that caught my eye and reminded me of Quadrophenia. So I took a couple pictures.

Check them out...

(C) Marc Osborn

(C) Marc Osborn

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