Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Backroads Uses One Of My Pictures

The Backroads travel company has used one of my pictures to illustrate their Big Sur bike tour.

(C) Marc Osborn
Last summer, my wife and I took the trip with another couple we are friends with. Starting in Monterey and biking day-by-day down the coast to Santa Barbara. I can tell you it was beautiful, challenging and very enjoyable.

Anyway, after making a significant climb up from a bridge, I pulled off to wait for our group and took a shot looking back from where we had come from. See picture below.

This is the shot Backroads is currently using on their Web site to help illustrate the Big Sur trip.

You can see that page HERE and below. My picture is one of several in a "carousel" of images that flip through as you read info about the trip.

Once on the site, you can use arrows on either side of the picture window to advance to the next image.

Anyway, this is the most recent photo of mine to be licensed. I'm happy to have it represent Backroads and while the "reimbursement" was minimal, it is cool to have one of my shots online at a significant travel company's site.

If interested, you can check out other travel shots I've taken on my Flickr photostream.

Copyright of the photo in this post is owned by Marc Osborn. No use of this image is permitted without prior written permission from Marc Osborn.

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