Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thoughts On World Cup Exit By Team USA

Well, the USA lost to Belgium yesterday in the World Cup. Through most of the game, the US side endured a continual onslaught by the wicked good Belgians with goal keeper Tim Howard trading in his jersey for a Superman outfit.

In what seemed inevitable, Belgium scored a goal in overtime...then another. Our team came back to at long last get one too, but it was too little too late. 2-1 Belgium. See you in four years.

Below are a few thoughts I had following the game. Generally, I'm upbeat about the squad's performance...

A few thoughts on the USA vs. Belgium game:

  • First, to this fan at least, over the full minutes of this match, Belgium look to be the better squad. Flat out. So, while I'm sad our boys lost, losing to THAT GOOD of a team is acceptable. Belgium waffles for breakfast Wednesday?
  • Second, what would have happened against Germany, Portugal and Belgium if Altador was at full strength? Wow. I know, that's sports. But at the same time, I wonder.
  • Third, TIM HOWARD is God!
  • Fourth, DeAndre Yedlin everybody!!!!
  • Fifth, I am now fully stoked up for the rest of the MLS season
  • Last, it stinks to go out now in the World Cup, but we did really well considering and four years from now could be special.

To sooth any USA soccer fans stinging over the loss in overtime to Belgium...

Here are countries that went out of the World Cup before the USA: Italy, England, Spain and Portugal.

Hey everybody, we made if further in the tourney than these world powers. Meanwhile, sharing our pain in the ouster in the round of 16 were no less than: Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and Nigeria...all good squads.

So, guess what? We're currently somewhere between the 8th and 16th best soccer team in the world. I'd say we're closer to eight. Lets build on that and give it a push next time!!!!!


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