Monday, September 22, 2014

Views of My Photos Hit 400,000

Today I see that I have reached the 400,000 mark for views of my pictures on Flickr.

Back in mid-March, I hit the 300,000 mark, so it's only taken six months for those additional 100,000 views to take place.

What are people looking at? Generally, everything - travel shots, historical places, cars, color themed pictures and on and on.

But in terms of the top 5 most viewed pictures of those 400,000, it gets a bit more condensed into a few subjects:

#1 - A wood spiral staircase inside Peles Castle in Transylvania, Romania.

(C) Marc Osborn
#2 - Naked bicycle riders in the annual Ballard (Seattle) Solstice Parade.

(C) Marc Osborn
#3 - Another picture of the same spiral staircase at Peles Castle. 

(C) Marc Osborn
#4 - A closeup of inlaid decoration on the Taj Mahal in India.

(C) Marc Osborn
#5 - Another shot of naked bike riders in the Solstice Parade. 

(C) Marc Osborn

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