Sunday, February 1, 2015

My NW Sports...What Is Next?

OK. Now that football season is over, as a long term Seattle resident and University of Oregon grad, where do I go now for my sports rooting interests?

First, the UO mens b-ball team is more than decent. They will not win the Pac-12 title, but they could make a run for the NCAA tourney.

Next up is the Seattle Sounders MLS team. They finished last season with the best record in the league and should be a threat again this year.

And, come spring the Mariners baseball team. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but perhaps stye Ms are on an upswing?

And between all that there is the UO tack and field (won the NCAA title last year) and baseball team (ranked) to provide some entertainment. 

So from a civic or alma matter standpoint, that is where I will be investing my interest. 

Go Ducks! Go Seattle!

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