Friday, April 3, 2015

Macefield House in Ballard

OK. It has been a while since I posted anything. Work is work, right? Busy gets busy.

Over the past eight weeks since my series of sports-related posts, a lot has happened.

But sometimes life's pleasure is not big scope stuff...but rather the little moments we experience, string together and enjoy.

One such moment occurred the other day.

Indeed, the gym I go to in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle is known much more for what is outside of it than what is inside. What am I talking about?

The Edith Macefield House. You may recall seeing pictures of this home because the owner - Edith - refused to sell her life-long home to the big developers who came into her neighborhood, tore down all other previous structures and build a big shopping center. Nope. Edith decided NOT to sell.

So the developers built AROUND her house. This is inspirational. Her refusal exhibited - and continues to illustrate - true "values" in the face of easy money. The house is also said to be the inspiration for the story depicted in the animated movie "Up." Sadly, Edith died a few few years ago, and now the house is up for sale.

Because my gym is in that big building surrounding Edith's home, I go by her house daily on my way in and out of my workouts. I've always appreciated the symbolism of the house. But for whatever reason, yesterday I took my camera with me to get a few shots. Maybe because the house may not be there for much longer.

Anyway, below are some pictures I took of the site on April 2.

Oh, and one other thing about the property. Directly across the street currently sits a vacant lot, an area dozed down 10 years ago on which used to sit a large one story building called The Music Bank...essentially a warehouse, but in reality a place where many now famous Seattle-based rock bands practiced, hung out, took drugs...and whatever else. Below is how it looks today. Note the Macefield house in the upper left part of the photo...

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