Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NYC Eating

Well, I'm on the road to NYC for much of this week. And where is the first place to go to get a quick bite to eat after an early evening arrival into Manhattan?

You got it...Gray's Papaya.

The. Best. Hotdogs. Period.

New Yorkers will back me up on this...including Anthony Bourdain.

My wife Diane and I tasted these little pieces of heaven...along with a chilly delicious papaya drink...a few years ago on a visit and I try to stop by when I'm in the city. You should too next time you're here.

I like the old school location of 72nd Street & Broadway. More info and other locations here.

OK, off to do e-mail and watch the PA Democratic primary results come in.
NOTE: The picture in this post was NOT taken by me.

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