Thursday, July 10, 2008

Comic Books - More Than Super Heroes

There are a lot of creative people out there, masking their talent during the day in Corporate America cube land only to unleash their inner Picasso, Hemingway or Spielberg at night and on weekends.

I'm lucky to know some of them, and I'd like to feature more on this blog. Earlier I introduced you to my friend Paul's Session 37 video productions.

Now, on a totally different wave length, lets talk about comic books. My buddy Ed at my company writes comic books. His specialty is putting a comic's storyline into words. To me, this is also a unique type of storytelling that demands a lot of creativity in how to communicate ideas in a fast, short, concise and compelling manner.

Info on Ed's work here. Examples of his narratives joined with illustrations from artist Ed Traquino here and here.

Comic books have enjoyed a couple different identities in my opinion. One is the mainstream merchandising of super heroes and other characters. For sure some fine work done there, but more a pure entertainment and marketing channel than anything else.

The other is the more sexy and interesting identity as underground communication...colorful dispatches that narrate and illustrate more radical or less talked about ideas. Harvey Pecar and Robert Crumb are great examples. With technology today, creating and distributing this type of comic book communication is easier than ever. For example - Guild Works Productions.

It is this latter type of comic book communication that I'm interested in - especially in today's infotainment "news" and "reality TV" environment. So, support your local comic book writers and artists.

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