Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Seattle Times Runs One of My China Photos

This last weekend, the Seattle Times ran one of my photos from China in their travel J2 for anyone who feels like digging it out of their recycle bin.

Anyway, here's a link to the photo at the Times online. This is not how it appeared in print, but you get the idea.

The picture is also in the upper right here on the blog as the Picture of the Week.

While I'm not mistaking this for anything profound, it is rewarding to know that at least on one occasion...when stacked up against other potential photos the paper could run...someone in the photo department thought mine was the best of the week. I made the cut.

It's also nice to have a "published" photo.


Andy Levy said...

Awesome job Marc. I think the coverage is a result of the honesty of the picture in place of a staged or manipulated picture from a professional photog.

Marc said...

Thanks Andy. I appreciate your comment. I'm no art theory guy, but as far as my thoughts on that go, I think that usually the best pictures are taken with minimal to no forethought or manipulation. Just you, your camera, a little knowlege of composition and go from there. Shoot what you see in front of you. The more you start staging things or trying to "enhance" the lighting or other inputs with anything that's not already available inside your camera, the less interesting and real a picture becomes. And, that stuff just isn't needed. All best, Marc