Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daddy's Gone

My new favorite band, Glasvegas, has issued their second single from their forthcoming album.

Titled "Daddy's Gone," the band again takes on a non-conventional topic. Previous single, "Geraldine," was about a social worker. This time, "Daddy's Gone" is about absent fathers and the hole that leaves in a young person's life.

James Allen (second from left in the picture...NOT a photo I took by the way) and his band mates deliver their message within the body of a mid-tempo tune that evokes traditional Scottish folk, basic rock and hints of 50s do-wop.

This passionate and artistic fashion not only sounds good, but emotionally moves while making you think. In my book, that's a rare - all too rare today - combination that is the true expression of the power of music.

I have heard a lot of other songs (unreleased so far) by this band, and "Daddy's Gone" is - while very good - not necessarily even their best. So, all the more reason to anticipate the band's full album release in October.

In the end, at a time when pop rock fluff, hip-hop fakers, country posers and "DJ" mashups pass for popular music, Glasvegas offers the real thing - authentic rock and roll.

Hear Daddy's Gone and see the video at the band's Web site here.

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