Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Take A Hike!

Well, the Olympics are over, summer is starting to turn into fall and football season is coming. 

So, what to do?  Hike! 

Diane, me, our friend Sean and our other friend Marcus hiked the Comet Falls trail in the Mt. Rainier National Park last Saturday and what a great payoff.

The hike has everything: a sunny brilliant day (the "warmth of the sun" as The Beach Boys sang), with a 5,800 foot gain from the parking lot it's a good workout, we had good conversation with friends on the way up, you see massive waterfalls, you see mountain meadows full of wildflowers and a picnic lunch at the top with the penultimate vista of Mt. Rainier (see Picture of the Week above right). 

The trail was well maintained and enough shade to sun ratio that you never felt like you were going to get burned. Plus, there were a number of amazing wood bridge crossings over rapids thundering through narrow shoots and caverns. 

Anyway, for all the goings on during the Games in Beijing, for all the fun that can be had watching sports or for that matter just meeting up with friends in the city - none of those things can really match the extravaganza of a few hours in the mountains on a nice day.

My advice? Take A Hike!


Charles said...
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Charles said...

That is what I have been planning to do as well; to get out and hike!

However I have a clot in my leg so I am on my couch with my leg up (no jokes please).

Thank you for the pics, they are inspiring. There is nothing better than a hike in the Northwest!

Marc said...

Thanks Charles. I'm sorry to hear about your leg! Get better fast.

Meantime, if you want, check out my most recent pictures on Flickr at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28342828@N07/

Pictures from the hike, as well as some I took up in Banff this July.