Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain Campaign Now Calling Obama A Terrorist

What does political desperation sound like? What do people with no new ideas, a mean streak and contempt for the American people talk about in a campaign?

We know the answers now.

The McCain/Palin ticket showed how scummy and desperate they were when they started their campaign against Obama with an advertisement that falsely accused Obama of "wanting your children to know about sex before learning to read," and when the campaign acknowledged that it would lie if that's what it took to win.

Now, as of this week, we know that the McCain/Palin ticket will go to the next level to enter truly evil and cynical territory.

That campaign is now falsely accusing Obama of "palling around with terrorists" and, by implication, being one himself. In essence...vote of Obama if you want to die. At one rally, that refrain earned a call from the audience to "kill him."

What's even more appalling is that their campaign seems to see such diabolical and false charges as a fair tactic to "win the game." Country first my ass.

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Charles said...

Well, it is important that we Americans continue to be "afraid" of a black man...especially one attempting to become a world leader. Who knows what he is capable of, the greatest fear for some Americans might come true. The McCain camp is just exploiting these inner fears.

Marc said...

Yep. Agreed. Fear is a multi-purpose tactic for the Republicans. Fear the "liberals," fear the "immigrants," fear the "elite," fear the "Arabs," and be very, very fearful of "the black man."

As you suggest, I think these messages whether spoken out loud or implied do speak to many people's inner fears. That's a lot of fear to spread.

It's also a load of shit in my book.

Here's to hoping for once more people are fearful of another four years of being totally screwed by conservative government than any of these other B.S. fears.