Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Visiting the South - The Series

As many readers of this blog know by now, my wife Diane and I took a trip to the southeast of the U.S. this past spring. Over the past couple months, I've re-capped our adventures in a series of posts - each with the "Visiting the South" title. I've tried to capture not only where we visited, but also added in some observations and perspectives. Hopefully you have found the info interesting, maybe learned something and picked up tips for what to do, see and eat if you ever find yourself in the places we went.

Since my reporting is now wrapped up, I wanted to provide a single post with handy links to the entire "Visiting the South" series. So, just click on the chapter headlines below...






Thanks again for checking in on the blog.

If interested, you can read the last travel series I wrote about our trip to China in 2008 - a series called The China Reports. Click here to see that.

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