Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Olympics Primer on China

The China Reports

The Olympic Games in Beijing, China have kicked off and are now in full swing.

To help others get in the mood and find out more about the host country, I've brought together all my recent posts on China here in one spot for those of you who might want an alternate view of China than what you're going to get from NBC.

Having just visited extensively in China this past May, these first-hand reports, photos and observations are an assessment of what my wife Diane and I saw, experienced and thought about while touring the country. So, settle in, click on the headlines to read more, look at pictures, and learn from...



China Report #1 - The Forbidden City
Entryway to the Past is Also a Connection to Today's China

China Report #2 - Mt. Hua Shan
Hike on Sacred Mountain Becomes Script for Cheap Hollywood Horror Flick

China Report #3 - Terracotta Warriors
History's Army Raises Questions About Today's Government

China Photo Feature
Check Out My Photos from China this May at Flickr - See "Sets" on Right Side of the Flickr
The Seattle Times Runs One of My Pictures

China Report #4 - The Great Wall
Two Hikes On Unrestored Sections Offer More Adventure Than the Tourist Zone

China Report #5 - Xi'an
The Largest, Most Important City You've Never Heard Of

China Report #6 - Shanghai
China's New York City

Pollution & Sports Extra
What You Can't See in Shanghai Is What You Can See at Wall Mart and On Wall Street
Is Pollution An Olympic Sport?
The Algae Olympics
Pollution Threatens Olympic Games
All-Oregon 800K team for USA in Olympics


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