Sunday, April 4, 2010

Know Your History...Because It's Being Re-Written

To some degree, what is accepted as history is indeed influenced by modern day interpretations. Usually, however, those viewpoints don't tamper with the facts of history...rather, they offer up analysis of what happened in whatever context is relevant at the time.

However, I read a disturbing story today in the Seattle Times about how elements of the conservative right are literally trying to re-write U.S. history to fit their vision of our country as a religious nation that did not and has not ever benefited from government involvement in matters.

It's no small stuff we're talking about here. We're talking about out-and-out change to facts. Not interpretations or opinions, but an insidious re-writing facts to suit a warped and ultimately negative political philosophy. What's disturbing is that these people might just get away with it. For example, your kids or perhaps theirs will come to believe thing such as:
  • Theodore Roosevelt was a socialist.
  • The Federalist Papers did NOT stake out a strong role of the Federal government.
  • Thomas Jefferson was not that important to the founding of the country and his ideas of separation of church and state were not adopted.
  • Franklin Roosevelt caused the Great Depression.
  • Senator Joseph McCarthy was an American hero brought down by lying liberals who smeared his good name.
Think I'm paranoid or kidding? Read the story yourself.

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