Monday, April 5, 2010

Three Big Sporting Events On April 5

Today, April 5, is a pretty big day in U.S. sports with three high profile events taking place.

Opening day for baseball (for all teams except the Yankees and Red Sox who played last night).
  • What to like: could be a good season for the hometown Mariners, they open with a winnable series vs. Oakland, Jr. is back again this year and with no Sonics around any more and college b-ball over, it's good to have another local team to follow.
  • What to dislike: baseball is, at least in my opinion, boring compared to basketball, ice hockey, soccer and football. So, here we go with seven months of guys mostly standing around either spitting or scratching themselves.
NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game - Butler vs. Duke
  • What to like: a compelling match up of an unlikely finalist on an incredible run and an old traditional power looking to win another title.
  • What to dislike: two private schools from the east playing for all the marbles in Indianapolis...not too relevant or interesting to we basketball fans from the west.
Start of the Masters Golf Tournament...and the return of one Tiger Woods to competition
  • What to like: well, I'm not a golfer or a fan of golf, and I'm not fan of Mr. Woods even before all his problems came to light. So not much to like here for me.
  • What to dislike: Oh where to start. Tiger Woods for one. Enough said. Then there's the fact that the tournament is played in the oldest of old school private golf clubs in the nation. Not very "everyman" and certainly with no women allowed to join the club very "everywoman" either. Then there's my opinion that golf is not really a sport...more like guys walking around their lawn with sticks. It makes baseball look like ski-cross from the Winter Olympics.
Best of the three? For me it's clearly the Ms opener. Local team, start to a new season, hope springs eternal.

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