Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 10 Most Viewed Pictures - Udpated Q1 2010

It's time for my quarterly look at which pictures I've taken are getting the most views online.

I now have more than 1,000 pictures loaded onto my Flickr Potostream HERE. And, I try to get the word out a bit on new images I have taken and loaded up. A few have even been published.

But mostly, my pictures are simply viewed online. Which ones are viewed most? I try to re-cap that grand running totals every quarter.

So, as of the end of March 2010, below are the most viewed pictures from my Photostream. You can see each picture by clicking on it's name in the list...
  1. Close Up of Taj Mahal Detail
  2. Beijing Olympic Stadium

  3. Don't Tread On Me Flag

  4. Aircraft Carrier Yorktown

  5. Modern Ho Chi Mihn City

  6. Former South Vietnamese Capital Building

  7. 2009 Seattle Gay Pride Parade (guy on stilts)

  8. Modern Skyline of Ho Chi Mihn City

  9. US Military Vehicles in Ho Chi Mihn City

  10. 2009 Seattle Gay Pride Parade (guy with sign)
This is a repeat of the Top 10 from Q4 2009, so not much to say about why these might be the most viewed pictures beyond what you can already read by clicking HERE.

Also to note, the numbers on all these pictures except the Olympic Stadium did go up over the last three months. So, they're still being looked at vs. amassing a big number a long time ago and just sitting at the top.

Photos outside of the top 10 most viewed that have risen up in the rankings over the last few months are:

View of the Great Wall

Air Pollution in Shanghai - this one may have come up in number of views because it was published as part of an online educational series and I let friends know about it.

Ancient Chinese Vase

2010 Rose Bowl - Oregon Returns a Kickoff - this is self explanatory because the game happened in January and, well, it's the Rose Bowl.

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