Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Health Insurers Spend $82 Million to Combat Health Reform

Health insurance companies spent $82 million last year to oppose the Federal healthcare reform last year.

At the very same time, they were working with Democrats to write the reform legislation.

Story here.

I think this story points out exactly the problem with our healthcare system. Ours is a system in which the number one goal is to make maximum sustained profit rather than provide quality care and coverage.

We see this clearly in this instance where the biggest profiteers from our system are working both sides of the issue when reform is on the table - they're spending huge money to combat the entire notion of reform, but just to cover their butts they are also working with the reformers (who they also donate campaign funds to) to influence (and minimize) the impact to their profit margins.

That's not healthcare...that's profit management.

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