Friday, November 26, 2010

Week 12 Pac-10 Football Predictions

Here are my predictions for week 12 in Pac-10 football...

Oregon will defeat Arizona by the score of 34-24 in Eugene on Friday. I think the Ducks bounce back offensively from their 15 point output at Cal, but a stout Arizona defense "limits" them to 34 or so. Meanwhile, I think the Arizona O is pretty good and will probably score a few times. But, in the end, I think the Ducks are better and they are at they win.

ASU beats UCLA by the score of 21-10 in Tempe. UCLA is in disarray. They have shown the ability to bounce back from horrible performances, and may do that somewhat coming off of their melt down vs. Washington. But, I do not think they will win this game. They just don't have the QB and incentive to. But, ASU is at home and still playing for a potential bowl appearance.

Cal will beat Washington by the score of 17-10 in Berkley. Cal is coming off an epic butt whooping at the hands of Stanford. But, they are also still in contention for a bowl appearance. And, they have shown a bizarre ability to play horrible one week and great the next (and vice versa), and I think they are due for one of those "play great" games. Also, this is the third week that new Cal QB has started since normal starter Riley's season ended with an injury, and I think he will finally put it together against a fairly weak but improving UW defense.

Stanford will beat Oregon State by the score of 31-17 at Palo Alto. OSU played great vs. USC and beat them in surprising fashion. But, that was last week and it was at home. This is on the road against a much better team that USC this season. Stanford is gunning for a first or second place finish in the Pac-10 and a BSC bowl they will be ready to go and they will win this one.

USC will beat Notre Dame by the score of 24-21 in Los Angeles. USC played horribly against the Beavers last week, but they are still - I know, I know you don't believe me - a pretty good team. Not a great team, but pretty good. And they are playing at home against a below average Notre Dame team having a poor season. So, I think it adds up to a win for the Trojans - even if backup QB Mustane must play for injured starter Barkley.

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