Monday, December 20, 2010

Gallup Poll on Religious Beliefs May Have Insights for Voting Patterns

A new poll by the Gallup organization has found that 40 percent of Americans believe in "creationism." That is, four out of every 10 people you pass on the street today believe that a god (or more likely the Christian God) created the earth, the heavens, humans, animals and everything else just as they are today over a six day period about 10,000 years ago.

Another 38 percent believe that humans evolved from more basic organisms or forms, but that a god (or God) played a role in that evolution.

Sixteen percent of Americans said they believed humans developed over millions of years with no divine involvement.

And, perhaps not surprisingly, the same poll found that the less education a person has, the more they believe in creationism.

Here's one thought I had when reading over the poll results...

I think the notion that the less educated a person is correlates to his or her willingness to believe unprovable stories that defy science and logic may give insight into how those same people are also able to vote against their own interests in elections and in favor of politicians or political parties that can "tell a good story" and appeal to their religious or emotional hot button issues.

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