Monday, January 24, 2011

Way Out On The Right

Here are a couple fresh new examples of right wing agitation through the media...

Glenn Beck's fixation with an NYU professor and her writing from the 1960s turns into death threats against that professor now. Story HERE. Some good and entertaining perpective HERE. Who says that what is said via the airwaves doesn't affect what happens in reality?

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (she who recently called for a "repeal of the President") has now said that the national debt is a form of "slavery." Story HERE. Wow, Bachmann must really have a low opinion of the everyday American and their collective memory because it is the specific and calculated policies of Republican government (controlled the full Congress 1995-2006, had the full Congress + President 2001-2006) that took us into the debt she now is claiming is slavery. Massive tax cuts, deregulation across the board, a spectacularly expensive and unneeded invasion of Iraq and domestic spending through the roof...those are the main things that the Republican party brought to the U.S.A during their time in power.

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