Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Note To UW Athletic Director Scott Woodward

Hey Scott, remember last fall when, before your UW football team went out and proceeded to be thoroughly thrashed by Oregon by six touchdowns, you said in reference to the University of Oregon, "It's an embarrassment what their academic institution is."

Well, at the time your comments came off as shallow and petty - especially for an athletic director. Turns out that not only are you pathetic, you were also wrong.

Check this out Scott.

Next time, do everyone including yourself a favor and just keep your comments about sports and the athletic department.

And hey, if your football team continues to be out coached, out recruited and out performed by Oregon (you've lost seven in a row by more than 20 points) and most the rest of the Pac-10/12...then maybe look in the mirror for who to say nasty things about.

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