Friday, January 7, 2011

Republicans Start Their Bid To Repeal Healthcare Reform

After the elections last November delivered a Republicans a majority in the House, I predicted several things would happen.

One of them was an attempt at repealing the healthcare reform law passed by Congress and championed by President Obama.

Well, just days into their new majority, sure enough the Rs are starting the wheels turning for their attempt. Also ominous is that several Democrats seem to be willing to go along with this. See the story HERE.

Certainly, the Senate (still with a Democratic majority) would have to vote in favor of repeal and then Obama would have to sign such a repeal. The first of these is unlikely and the second won't happen. He'd veto a repeal.

But even then, I think efforts would continue with politicians jocking for votes to override an Obama veto.

And that's why its ominous that some Democrats seem willing to go along with this. My other prediction on healthcare was that there is so much money involved in healthcare that some Democrats would buckle - especially in the Senate - an potentially a veto proof majority for repeal would materialize.

We shall see.

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