Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rep. Hastings Is An A-Hole

More evidence of either outright lunacy or maniacal deception by Republicans today...

Rep. Hastings (R) from Washington just went ahead and blamed the Clinton and Obama administrations for rising gas prices - say they are the ones who failed to "tap into" (code for drilling and mining) our own U.S. oil and natural gas resources.

Story HERE.

While it may be true that the USA is addicted to oil from the Middle East and has failed to find new sources of energy, it's hardly something you can blame on one party. Nor is more drilling and mining for old sources in the U.S. necessarily the best or only option.

Also, Rep. Hastings seems to conveniently forget a little thing called the George W. Bush administration who ran the White House for eight of the past eleven years...most the time with a Republican majority in both the House and Senate. Perhaps THEY could have done something about addiction to oil? Oh, right, they did...they decided to invade Iraq. Thanks. That turned out great.

Hey, gas prices have been going steadily up since I can remember. That our nation has failed to invest in, develop and then bring to market alternative energy sources is not a one party problem. Its a problem linked into many parts of our economy - but primarily that oil companies make SPECTACULAR profits year over year in good times and bad, and they do NOT want to give that up. And, those same companies could make even MORE money if they could suddenly drill and mine in the good old USA.

So Representative Hastings is either epically stupid or he is - as I suspect - evilly opportunistic and playing politics when he and his party are in power in the House. I wouldn't be surprised if he or some of his close friends and associates just happen to have financial interest in traditional energy companies and/or energy companies give a lot of money to Hastings' campaigns. This would explain his position better than anything. And for all that, I say, "Rep. Hastings, you sir, are an A-hole."

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