Friday, July 8, 2011

2 Questions for GOPers Slamming Obama on Jobs Today

I see that GOP presidential contenders are slamming Obama on the recent job/unemployment numbers released today.

Two questions for those conservatives:

1) Where was your concern about jobs when you were championing the very policies that led to the economic crash of 2008 and after? Seriously, where were your concerns? You do remember that the big economic crash came on your watch and as a result of your leadership, right?

2) Why are your suggested fixes now just more of the same stuff that got us into this mess in the first place...and have done so every time they've been implemented in our history? Big tax cuts for the wealthy and big business, aggressive deregulation of major sectors of our economy and large cut backs on government programs (except defense where you like spend more): that's all you got or ever had and it has resulted in a shitload of trouble four our country over and over again. Why do you keep singing that same song?

That's it. Just want to know.

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