Monday, October 10, 2011

Pac-12 Week 6 Re-Caps took you until the third quarter to do it, but you destroyed Cal as expected. Star RB James may be out due to injury for the next game, however. Luckily for you, it's at home against an ASU team that has issues when playing on the road against good teams.

Cal...on the up side, this year you didn't fake injuries against Oregon (that we can tell), but on the down side you got your butt whipped and are now 0-2 in the conference.

Washington...nice job taking the week off. performed your "bye" duties equally well.

WSU...oh so close. You didn't exactly "Coug it," but you also didn't finish it off against a feeble UCLA. took WSU coming to your home field and a full four quarters worth of effort, but you did win a Pac-12 game.

OSU...a win! Your very first of the season no less. Things are looking up after beating Arizona, at least until next weekend., if there was a game for the taking this was it and you blew it. To Oregon State. Not a good season.

Stanford...a win against Colorado. How did you build your schedule to be so soft for so much of the first half of the season? Makes for a nice 5-0 record, but one wonders if that's just because of who you have been playing. shame in losing to Stanford, but would be nice to see you try and get a few wins here at some point.

ASU...a good win. Winning on the road is always a good sign, especially for you. But, beating Utah is not exactly a statement that you're ready to win the league. Next week will be that test in Eugene.

Utah...your education on the quality of football in the Pac-12 compared to the Mountain West continues with your home loss to ASU.

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