Monday, November 28, 2011

Pac-12 Final Week Re-Caps beat in-state rival Oregon State soundly and now will host the Pac-12 championship game this week. Win that (as you should against UCLA) and you're in the Rose Bowl. Nice!

Oregon were whupped pretty good by Oregon and finish at 3-9. Have a nice off season. beat Notre Dame and finished your season 11-1. However, that one loss was against Oregon so that disqualifies you from playing for the league championship. Don't be too upset though, you'll probably end up in the Fiesta or Orange Bowl anyway. beat ASU and finished at 7-5. Nice recovery from a poor start to the season. You will probably be in the Holiday Bowl. beat in-state rival Washington State in the Apple Cup to finish at win better than last year. Not too bad. Not great, but not too bad. You'll probably be in the Alamo Bowl. lost to UW and finish your season at 5-7 and possibly will have a new coach to start next season. beat up on UCLA 50-0. Despite your 10-2 record, your season is done because of sanctions by the NCAA. If your QB stays for his senior year, you will be a favorite to win the league if not the BCS championship next season.

UCLA...somehow, some way despite getting waxed by USC you are the "best" team in the South division that is eligible to play in the Pac-12 championship game. Miracles do happen, but not this week. Oh, and your coach is gone too right after the game this week. Lots to look forward to...said sarcastically.

Utah...your loss to Colorado to end the season is disappointing. You were looking at an eight win season and perhaps representing the South division in the Pac-12 championship game. Never mind. You will be in some bowl, however, in your first season in the Pac-12. So, that's not all bad. beat Utah to end on a high note. Sure, you're only 3-10 on the season, but hey...winning at the end provides promise for the future. beat Louisiana Lafayette by eight points to close out your rocky season at 4-8. No bowl, new coach...and hope that next year is better. Goodbye until next fall.

Arizona lost to Cal and finished your season at 5-7. Once again, your season started well, started to crumble a little then completely inploded. Another year, another collapse. New coach for next season? Will that matter?

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