Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pac-12 Championship Game Prediction

Oregon hosts UCLA in the first Pac-12 championship game on Friday.

The winner of the North division, Oregon is also one of the nation's top 10 teams. Representing the South division, UCLA is decidedly not a top team. But, given USC is ineligible to play in this game, UCLA has the next best record of all the other South division teams. So, they'll suit up and give it a try.

Unlike other leagues with a championship game, the Pac-12 decided to place the game at whichever school of the two representatives is ranked higher. Oregon currently sits at #8 in the nation and UCLA is unranked. So the game is in Eugene.

As for my prediction...I don't see Oregon losing this game. A massive outbreak of turnovers and injuries might make it interesting, but barring that unexpected combination I see this one being "over" by halftime. UCLA just does not have the talent, coaching or motivation to win this one on the road.

I predict 47-17 Oregon. That would put the Ducks into the 2012 Rose Bowl game against the winner of the Big 10 championship game - either Wisconsin or Michigan State.

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