Friday, February 17, 2012

Conservative Voters Don't Like Government Programs...Except They Use Them More Than Anyone Else

As I've said before, it seems to me that conservative voters again and again vote against their own personal interests.

Against gay rights? Want to make abortion illegal? Want to kick everyone illegally here out of the country? Want to build a fence across the Southwest? Zero tolerance for drugs? Want to make sure every citizen is armed with at least one machine gun?

Vote Republican would seem to be the thing to do.

But of course, conservative politician elected on these and similar issues just get into office and proceed to do none of that (thank goodness form my perspective), but instead lower taxes and regulations for corporations, banks and the rich.

But wait. It gets even more ironic.

You know how conservatives of all income levels are constantly bitching about big government hand outs, welfare and programs to help people...all creating a society dependent on "the government?"

Well, guess which states have the most people receiving benefits from those type of government programs?

Yep, the states that vote the most conservative. Hmmm.

Don't believe my word. Check out the article from the New York Times explaining the stats HERE. And then check out the much shorter commentary and explanation of the situation in another NYT article from today HERE.

I particularly like the stat that shows that 40% or more of people who receive welfare report that "they've not used a government program." Heavy sigh.

Interesting reading to say the least. And, in my opinion, really lays bear the hypocrisy of conservative politicians and the ignorance of many conservative voters.

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