Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mona Gig in NYC

I went to see one of my currently favorite bands, Mona, while on a business trip to NYC this week. The gig was at the Mercury Lounge and it was a flamin' show.

Mona is one of these bands that is doling out legit, cool, thoughful rock and roll. Also, at this stage of their career, they are very accessible guys. I've spoken to each member of the band a couple times at their gigs and to a man they are approachable, glad to talk for a few minutes and thank you for coming to see them.

Obviously I'm sold. You can read a concise review of the NYC gig that I 100% agree with from someone else who was there at THIS blog.

Pictures of the show this week that were taken by someone else can be seen HERE.

Here are a couple shots I took of the band when they played in Seattle in 2011...

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