Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pictures from Iowa Now Up

Ok all, Diane and I just took a trip to Iowa to visit relatives for the 4th of July holiday.

You can see some pictures from our trip by clicking HERE.

Customarily I've omitted personal pictures from public view, but if you're family and want to see some additional shots shoot me a note and I'll send you some more.

Other than that, I'll say two things:

1) It was REALLY F-ING HOT in Iowa...we're talking 100+ degrees. As a Seattle person, I'm mentally trained to go outside in the sun. You know, get it when you can. But this week was an inverse weird lesson in not doing that. Way, way too hot be outside.

2) While Iowa is indeed rural and slow compared to Seattle and other such cities, it is a joy to visit the small towns and really experience something different. I highly encourage you to do something like this if you have not. You not only get to see things you don't in your normal coastal urban life, but you connect with people who...while similar in many indeed have a different daily reality than you do. Check it out. You'll be more well rounded and educated for it.

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