Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nothing More American than US Olympic Uniforms Made in China

Turns out that the 2012 U.S. Olympic team uniforms are made in China. Yep. China.

This has, of course, created some outrage and generally appall about how our team's duds are manufactured overseas...and in a communist country to boot.

Well, my opinion is...grow up, there is nothing more American in 2012 than products for the U.S. produced in China. After all, our nation's government, business sector and citizenry have gone out of their way to make that possible. For example...

  • Cheap labor. U.S. businesses want it to pad profit margins and "create efficiencies," so they lay off American workers and ship jobs overseas. Like to China. 
  • Avoiding regulation. Business wants that too. After all, worrying about environmental impacts of manufacturing, safety standards and work hours for workers are costly...but not in China. 
  • Government complicity. Whether it's passively sitting by and watching U.S. businesses move jobs overseas (I mean you Democratic Party) OR actually encouraging it through tax breaks and trade agreements (I'm looking mainly at you Republican Party, but Democrats are not immune)...our government has made it real easy for corporations to move manufacturing to places like China. 
  • Cheap products. US consumers want them and clamor to their local WalMart and other such places to get them...but that stuff on those shelves ain't made here in the USA people. The culture of "gimmie cheap" regardless of quality or impact to U.S. jobs by the American consumer is part of the problem. Now, one complicating factor is that the issues raised in the above bullet points have also created a shitty U.S. economy, thus propelling demand for cheap products from "want to have" into virtually "need to have" status for average Americans. Think that's a coincidence? I don't.
  • American voters. Fueled and fooled by vague notions of "freedom," "family values," and "small government," a large percentage of U.S. voters keep returning the very politicians to power who create or allow all of the above to happen. 
So, are you pissed off that the U.S. Olympic team uniforms are made in China? That really get under your red, white and blue skin? 

Well, do something about it then. Or shut the F up. 

Think about who you vote for, the ideas you support and what those choices mean for U.S. jobs. Think about buying made in the USA products...literally put your money where your mouth is. Don't like US made goods or think they are too expensive? Then shut up about the issue. And think about getting pissed off at corporations and not "the government" or China.

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