Wednesday, March 12, 2014

300,000 Views Celebration - Picture of the Day #3

Next up on my one-picture-each-day-this-week-a-thon in celebration of 300,000 views of my photography online is an abstract shot I took in China.

Photo by Marc Osborn. (C) Marc Osborn
I rarely set out to take an abstract picture. Typically when I do, the results are wanting. Not always, but typically.

No, usually when I take a picture I want to capture something specific with clarity. But, in doing so - and often in low light situations - I sometimes get a pretty wild abstract that transcends the original idea or actual object. Such shots take on an artistic quality, making the viewer wonder what it is or seeing many things in it. You can see a short set of abstract/close-up type shots I've taken HERE.

The abstract above is one I took when my wife and I were in Shanghai China in 2008. The Chinese built a "Tourist Tunnel" under the Huangpu River so people could more quickly get from the older district of the city (the Bund and surrounding areas) to the new section of the city across the river. But, this isn't a utilitarian transit system. No, it's more like a psychedelic tram ride with flashing lights, odd characters and music. Weird.

Anyway, we took the tunnel and as we started on the short journey under the river I pulled out my camera and took a bunch of shots as the lights and other effects started. The way the light hits the tramway and overlaps some suggests to me a bizarre river way into the unknown.

NOTE: Copyright for the picture in this blog post is owned by Marc Osborn. No use of this photo is permitted without prior written permission from Marc Osborn.

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