Thursday, March 13, 2014

300,000 Views Celebration - Picture of the Day #4

To continue my one-picture-a-day-this-week in celebration of 300,000 views of my pictures online, I've selected a travel-related picture.

Travel - both foreign and domestic - is an important part of my life and my wife's. We enjoy seeing new places, meeting people, experiencing a diversity of cultures, trying the local food and drink and visiting historic places to learn more about them. All of that helps inform and - I believe - improve our understanding of the world beyond experiencing it through the media or staying put in our own city or even country.

You can see a bunch of pictures I've taken on our travels at my Tour of the World set online HERE

For the shot of the day - the Pyramids of Giza.

Picture by Marc Osborn, (C) Marc Osborn

A few comments about this picture:

  • We visited Egypt in 2010 - before the revolution happened there. We had a great time visiting Cairo, taking a river cruise on the Nile to see all of the amazing historical sites and then out to beach resort town Sharm el-Sheikh
  • But, seeing the amount of military and police present to protect tourists and also the president of Egypt (miles long lines of guards on main roads leading to/from the presidential palace for example) on this trip and seeing the amount of poverty meant that we were not that surprised when the uprising occurred a short time later. The country was fed up.
  • I took this picture because I liked how the three camels mirrored the three pyramids. 
  • What's a bit crazy is that this picture makes it look like the structures are out on a desert plane and not much else is going on right there. Sure, you can see the city in the far background, but otherwise this looks pretty much how it might have a long, long time ago. Not true in reality. Just outside of the frame are a load of tourists, more camels and their masters, a few buses and assorted souvenir vendors. Also, I had to wait a bit for a car to drive through along the barely visible road in the left of the picture. 

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