Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gas Prices and the Election

OK, here's one for you...

It's my guess that gas prices will magically come down over the next two months as we lead up to the election. And, I think the tighter the race between Obama and McCain is, the more they'll come down. 

Why? I think the oil companies and the energy sector of our economy has enjoyed such historical success with Republicans in the White House that they will be willing to take a hit for a couple months to help ease one very painful economic issue that most Americans ascribe to "the economy"...and therefore, in theory, lessen their likelihood to turn out to vote or to vote for Obama.

We just bought a tankful yesterday, Sept. 6 at our local Shell station here in Seattle at $3.87 a gallon.  Lets see what it is on Nov. 1. 

My guess? Somewhere around $3.45 per gallon. Still higher than we were paying a year ago, but reduced enough that we fell like "things are getting better."

We'll see.

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