Monday, November 3, 2008

OK America...Do the Right Thing

OK America, on Tuesday it's time to get up, put on your big boy and big girl clothes, look in the mirror and go out and elect a president who will begin building the country up again...not to mention elect a Congress and local officials who will do the same.

Here's my two cents on Tuesday's election:

First, matter who you want to win, just go out and vote. It's not difficult and you'll feel really good regardless of the outcome. Seriously, you will because you will have your voice heard. Think about all the nations that don't have that as a possibility. Yes, we can argue about how well the election process is run, but just do it. Vote.

Second...really think about what our country and your state need in a leader.

Seriously, do we need leaders steeped, schooled and invested in doing things the way they've been done over the last 20-30 years - regardless of what they might call themselves? How well has the nation or even your state been run by the money men, the religon firsters, the "supply side" economists, the deregulators, the friends of big oil, and "war on terror" proponents? If you think these people represent your best interestes, have done a swell job and you're getting what you think is right out of them, and their way of thinking deserves yet another shot...then I think you know who you need to vote for.

Or, do we need leaders who can see things in different ways than in the past? If you think that the way to re-build and stabalize a United States that has become a joke internationally, broke at home and socialy divided is through firing up the economy with bipartisan efforts to create new jobs in technology, green energy and repairing our crumbling infrastructure, by offering tax relief to the vast majority of Americans so they have money to pay bills, buy goods and save for their child's education, by reducing our dependency on Middle Eastern oil, by deploying common sense regulation for Wall Street and the housing market, by viewing social justice as a moral and religous value, by finding a successful short term way out of Iraq and getting down to the real work of protecting the country from terrorist by actually going and getting them where they live...then I think you also know who to vote for.

So America, put on your shoes, get out to your polling place and vote on Tuesday.

One thing is for sure. We will get what we deserve. Here's hoping it's for the best.

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